Obtain a NIE

Legal Abogados in Marbella

NIE or Foreigner Identity Number in Spain, is a unique personal, unique and exclusive number that all foreigners must possess for the purpose of identification:

  • When a procedure is initiated to obtain a document that enables them to remain in Spanish territory other than a visa. (Residency)
  • To those who have been initiated an administrative file under the provisions of the regulations on immigration.
  • That due to their economic, professional or social interests are related to Spain.

Where can I apply for the NIE?

If you wish to obtain the NIE for professional or social economic interests, you can request it personally in the General Directorate of the Police, as well as in the Spanish Embassy or Consulates in your country of origin.

Documents required to apply for the NIE?

To request the NIE it is necessary to provide certain documentation:

  • Application form duly completed and signed.
  • Valid passport – original and copy.
  • Communication of the economic, professional or social causes that justify the request.
  • When requested through a representative, sufficient power must be provided stating that he is authorized to submit such request.
  • Payment of the administrative fee.

If you wish to have more information about obtaining the NIE or about the necessary documentation to buy a home, or how to obtain the Golden Visa or the non-profit residence in Spain, do not hesitate to contact Legal Abogados through our form or directly by sending us an email, we will gladly help you.